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Here's everything you need to know about hosiery including information
about hosiery styles, selecting the right size, caring for your hosiery
and some tips on how to use hosiery to accent your own personal style.


Are made with lightweight fabric composed of very fine yarn, usually nylon. Sheers are very flattering to the leg but more delicate than hosiery made with heavier fibers. Ultra sheers are the most fragile and allow the most natural skin tone to show through.


Hosiery comes in a range of fabrics usually in a combination of nylon and Spandex. They have gentle, graduated compression to provide a massage-like fit that can reduce fatigue in the legs.

Control Top

Provide a slimmer silhouette and add strength to a high-stress area of the garment. If you're wearing hip padding, be sure to get a size large enough to prevent the top from rolling down.


Are heavier than sheers, more durable and have recently gained tremendous popularity


Are individual stockings with an elasticised top that has a special lining to grip and stay up. More expensive than pantyhose, but sometimes just what you want.


Are separate unlike pantyhose. Lacking the grip of stay-ups, they require that you wear a garter belt or a girdle or corset that has stocking clips.

How to choose the best hose for your body type!

With the huge range of tights available today, it is no surprise that legwear is the wardrobe must have of the season. With so many styles and patterns to choose from it can be hard deciding what looks best with what and when to wear it.

Elongate your legs

The best way to give the impression of longer, leaner looking legs is to wear hosiery with vertical stripes or patterns. The vertical pattern lengthens legs and paired with matching coloured heels they will appear inches longer.

Make your legs bigger

Bold colours, patterns and prints including horizontal stripes are great for making legs appear bigger than they actually are.

Create slimmer looking legs.

Short term: Black opaques are great for slimming. The thicker opaques counteract any lumps and bumps which mean your legs look irresistibly slim and smooth - perfect for pairing with a mini skirt.

Support your legs.

Graduated compression found in support tights aids in circulating blood through the legs for a feeling of comfort throughout the day.

Wear tights with shoes

If you want your legs to look long pair tights with matching coloured heels. For thick opaques, wool and ribbed tights, chunky heeled shoes and boots look best. Team sheer tights with dainty shoes and sandals and lurex tights with shoes of the same colour with a matt finish or play it safe with black. Both platforms and ballet pumps are an ideal match with patterned or brightly coloured tights.

Wear prints and patterns

Find a print or pattern that matches both your personality and your lifestyle. Delicate designs such as small print flowers look great for the day, especially when teamed with an outfit of the same hue that’s featured in the design. Tone down bold and bright patterned tights with a simple black dress (mini is best) and shoes for an evening of partying.