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Polish regularly

For leather shoes get into the habit of polishing and cleaning your shoes regularly. A polish conditions and helps retain the leathers natural oils, masks scuffs and marks, enhances the colour and provides a protective layer from light rain to spills.

A day of rest

Be kind to your shoes and rest them at least every second day. Rotating your shoes with another pair will ensure your shoes stay in top condition and last longer.

No driving in heels

Driving in high heels is a sure way to damage your shoes. The pressure on your heels from driving can cause heels or shanks to break. We suggest you store a spare pair of slip on flat shoes in your car.

Check your heels regularly

High heels and pointed toes are high maintenance shoes and need to be checked for wear regularly. A thin metal toe plate placed on to the tips of shoes will protect the toes of your shoes. For worn heels, new heel pins can be replaced to prevent damaging of heels. Visit your local shoe repairer for this type of work.

Protective soles

For the boutique high fashion shoe, protective soles are a must to extend the life of your shoes. They are a thin and unobtrusive sole that is hard wearing and non slip. Make sure you take them to an experienced shoe repairer to get them fitted

Tight Fitting Shoes

Don’t let your feet suffer by squeezing them into tight shoes. It’s not likely that you will wear them in quickly! Take them to your local cobbler and get them stretched. Stretching is a very effective and an inexpensive way to enjoy your shoes. Most cobblers will have a range of specialist shoe stretching machines allowing them to stretch your shoes where they hurt. This is also great for people who suffer from bunions or corns.

Be comfortable

If your straps keep slipping off or your shoes are loose fitting, heel grips are what you need. They are a self adhesive foam strip that sit in the back of shoes. For uncomfortable shoes try one of our Halters (padded small insoles) or full insoles to add extra cushioning!